3 Ways to Stop Accommodating Pain

3 Ways to Stop Accommodating Pain

We accommodate pain and dysfunction when our lived experiences don't match up to our beliefs and values, but we don't do anything about it. We fail to act because we are afraid that action might mean eliminating things in our life that don't serve us. Instead we convince ourselves of all the "buts."

We accommodate pain because we think that the little bit or piece of a person or piece of a life is better than its absence. We don't consider that if we got rid of the pain and ended or avoidance of it, then the only thing left would be good! If we got rid of the dysfunction, all we have is function. That allows us power, peace, and a positive flow towards our beliefs.

How do we dismantle the beliefs that the little bit is good enough?

  1. Make a list of the places we settle.

    Ask ourselves what a better alternative would be and what are the limited actions/beliefs we have that disallow us to pursue that alternative. If we focused our energy on what we want instead of accommodating, the possibilities are limitless.

  2. Remember that our energy can't flow in two directions at once.

    We can't equally hold on and pursue. Something is going to suffer- either the reality of dysfunction or the pursuit for something better. We can't wait for that which doesn't serve us to magically decide to walk out of our lives. People and things are always attracted to those that will make them feel powerful or valuable. Why would someone in lack walk away from their power source?

  3. Tell the truth about how you are using dysfunction to serve you.

    They make you feel important and valuable, even as you gripe and complain. What would it look like to power your own energy and esteem?

Just for today, consider what dysfunctions you are holding on to. Then ask yourself what abundance is waiting to be unblocked. Just for today.

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