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Pour life decisions: sophisticated savagery (self care)

Krys has a "kinda toddy" (throat coat tea and bourbon), Doyin has a Blood and Honey beer by Revolver and guest host/self-care expert Aleia has a Vanilla Jim Beam and Coke (not pepsi.) This week, we discuss 21 Savage, the Super Bowl, Oprah's tequila pajama party and more. Then we chat about the merits of Elizabeth Warren's apology in light of a potential Presidential race. And for our Pour Life Decision, we discuss self-care - why we need it, what it's not and how to implement it in your everyday life. Mix up a drink and listen with us!

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Mom uprising: Episode 3: Boundaries and self-care

Learn how to put yourself first even if you have kids to care for too. Self-care isn't just for moms, it's important for the whole family, and the kids benefit from a well cared for mom.


Unapologetic Podcast: Episode 28: Navigating Burnout As A Creative Entrepreneur w/ Aleia Mims

In this episode, we discuss how to navigate burnout for creative entrepreneurs and women.