Do you have visions of launching your business or fully stepping into your call but feel stuck?

Have you decided yet that you don't want to spend another season living in someone else's box for you but you’re not sure where to start?

Do you want to stop feeling hurt, unfulfilled, and not good enough in your relationships?

Do you have Imposter Syndrome, leading you to doubt your gifts and talents?

“This life be over soon. Heaven last always.”
“Girl, you betta bash Mister’s head open and think about Heaven later.”
— The Color Purple, Alice Walker

Sis, you deserve heaven right now. You are our ancestors’ wildest dreams and they want for you as much as you want for your own children.

It is my calling to facilitate your healing and re-building process so that you will:

  1. Learn to trust yourself again

  2. Understand the relationship between self-love and self-care

  3. Tap into what you’re really feeling

  4. Develop confidence around owning your desires and manifesting them

  5. Dismantle the blocks that have you kept you from the relationships and work you desire

  6. Expose the places you have become numb

  7. Feel safe, valid, and comfortable in expressing your feelings

How do we work?

After completing a pre-work questionnaire, you will get a 90-minute session where we dive into your blocks and you learn specific strategies to achieve your next level.

You walk away with:

  • Feeling heard and understood, finally

  • Awareness of what your patterns and triggers are

  • Tools to interrupt the patterns and clear next steps

  • Clarity on your heart’s desire

  • Toolkit for practice and ritual

Are we a match?

You’re an ambitious woman who are in a service-based career

You have amassed degrees, certifications, courses, and books in your desire to level up

You’ve left a relationship where you were tired of giving your all and not receiving what you needed in returned

You want to stop feeling hurt

You want to trust yourself again 

You’re tired of hiding pieces of yourself so that others will accept you

You’ve been seeking a more authentic relationship with Divine and dabble in unconventional spirituality