Work with Aleia

1-day intensive

During this full day experience, women get the opportunity to dive deep into their mission and purpose. Using spiritual and personal development modalities, I guide clients to:

  • Clarify their mission and unique voice

  • Identify and dismantle root cause of their current blocks

  • Map their ideal path forward

  • Apply tools for healing, action, and consistency

How my clients often start:

  • “I know how to do many things but can’t focus to be great at one.”

  • “I know I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be, but I don’t what direction to go.”

  • “I’ve been in survival mode so long, I don’t know how else to be.”

  • “I am the queen of procrastination and sabotage.”

  • “I have so much doubt and fear because of my past.”

  • “I’m afraid of failing and letting my kids down.”

How my clients finish:

“What I especially love about Aleia’s coaching style is that she is action-oriented. She gave me concrete steps for overcoming self-limiting beliefs and gaining momentum.”- Jodi

“She's not only a phenomenal coach, who has the ability to tap into your deepest desires and help you bring them to the fruition, she has an almost Godly finesse in the way she goes about doing it.”- Lisa

“My life, family and business has transformed tremendously since I have been working with Aleia. I didn't realize the "Self" work that goes into owning and operating a successful business.”- Tina


  • 6 hours, with additional time for lunch and breaks

  • In-person or virtually

  • Virtual session recorded

  • In person, food and snacks included

  • Virtual investment, $777

  • In-person investment, $999

Intuitive consultation

These 60-minute sessions provide focused support for specific, individual concerns or lessons. These are intended for returning clients that desire extended support on a given issue, or new clients that need introductory tools to jumpstart their journey. Intuitive spiritual and healing tools are coupled with practical personal development coaching.

Sample topics:

  • Dismantling procrastination

  • Manifesting your vision

  • Developing your spiritual practice and ritual

  • Healing your money sabotage

  • Self-love and self-care practices

  • Overcoming burn out

  • Practicing self-forgiveness

Here’s what my clients say:

“Aleia took me step by step and challenged everything I thought I knew to be true then helped me redefine what I now know to be true, honest and authentic in and for my life.”- Cathy

“She continues to help guide me as I do the work to heal my wounds to allow myself to be whole. I deserve to make room for goodness in my life.”- Tasha

“I am not the same woman I was. My life is forever transformed.”- Venus


  • Virtual sessions for 60 minutes

  • Calls are recorded

  • Investment, $197