4 Lessons from Dallas Bloggers Brunch

dallas bloggers brunch, blm girls, life lessons This past weekend, I had the honor of attending the Dallas Bloggers Who Brunch event hosted by the sweet-spirited Adedoyin of www.shebeknowin.com (see other participants below). The brunch was designed to give participants an opportunity to brainstorm post topics and get tips for maintaining an editorial calendar. However, the truth that was shared extended way beyond the logistics of running of website.

Here are the top 4 nuggets of wisdom from the bloggers' brunch

1. Build relationships.

People commit to your site, brand, company, or service because of YOU. There are so many people that sale the same product, but when you spend the time to cultivate a relationship with people (as opposed to just perform transactions), people are more likely to stay loyal to you. They trust your integrity and how their lives are enhanced from knowing you.

2. Be authentic and transparent.

People can tell when you are wearing a mask and being overly guarded. It makes them wonder what you are trying to hide and causes them to distrust you. Be your full, humanly flawed self. Share your emotions and feelings in a way that empowers others to be their authentic selves. No, I'm not saying that you should overshare in ways that are inappropriate and cross boundaries, but consider letting more than the perfect face show.

3. Be influential.

Who cares if you have thousands of followers, but none of them are converting to sales? Who cares if you post dozens of times on social media, but no one is purchasing your product? At the end of the day, your purpose is to impact people's lives and demonstrate influence. Start off by asking yourself what you are collecting numbers and followers for. Then, focus on the metrics that match that.

4. Be limited.

If you are giving everything to everybody, why would people feel compelled to get your service now? An unlimited supply means that people have the choice to delay that purchase, and it can make your product seem not as valuable. This is the basic market theory of supply and demand. The less your supply, the more your demand (if your product is impactful to begin with).

We discussed so much more from favorite productivity apps to tips for Facebook posts. You'll have to subscribe to get those resources in my next newsletter!

Thank you Dallas Bloggers for your wisdom and camaraderie!

Adedoyin of www.shebeknowin.com

Vashti of www.veepeejay.com

I'sha of www.honeybenatural.com

Kala of www.thekglifestyle.com

Farah of www.thedallasdiva.com

Alexandria of www.sportyafros.com

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