Lessons in Healing Part 12: 7 Questions to Ask

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Healing takes time. Reading a book or a blog, attending a worship service is just a vehicle to gain information and not the work itself. Once you gain information and tools to prepare you for your journey, you must practice in order for healing to happen. I remember when I was taking driving lessons when I was sixteen and we learned that you would be a good driver only after you drove a certain number of miles (I forget the number, but it was in the thousands). Once you hit that number, you no longer consciously thought about every motion and mechanism. You stopped playing chicken with cars on the highway as you tried to enter. Your motions were smooth and effortless, simply because you had practiced the maneuvers so many times.  But there’s a caveat. If you stopped practicing before you reached that number of miles to be proficient, you couldn't simply pick up where you left off. You had to go back and repeat a few hundred miles to make up for the time missed.

Healing is similar. It takes time, practice, and consistency.

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How do you maintain consistency when there’s no magical number of healing miles before you are masterfully healed? Quite simply it’s by having a plan. It’s interesting how it’s common sense for us to have written plans for career growth or earning that degree or paying off debt, but when it comes to taking care of our core, the idea of having a written plan is foreign.

There’s something I want to clarify first. When you create a plan you are not telling God the “how.” Instead, you are setting into motion a plan to be honest, authentic, and present so that God can take care of the rest. Simply put, you are creating a plan to stop avoiding and to start Being so that your healing can happen.

What are you willing to do to build habits of honesty, authenticity, and presence? Here are 7 questions to ask

  1. How will you be honest?
  2. To whom do you need to be honest?
  3. Who are you?
  4. When do you struggle being who you truly are?
  5. What will you do to be more authentic?
  6. How do you avoid pain and hurt?
  7. What must you do to be still?

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