7 Things to Know About Manifesting

7 Things to Know About Manifesting

This weekend I crossed Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority, Incorporated and was reminded of a bucket list I created on my old blog to last 1001 days beginning, 1/1/11 (see how those 11’s keep showing up??). I went back to visit that list and realized I accomplished over 60% of my goals. [Scroll down to see which ones]

More than the accomplishing and the success, I'm reminded once again of the power of manifestation. Not just manifesting things and prosperity, though there's nothing wrong AT ALL for desiring a life of ease and pleasure-- but manifesting experiences, feelings, and belongings that are spiritually aligned with one's integrity and values.

What do you want to learn most about manifesting?

Here's 7 truths I've discovered along the way:

  1. You can't have true fulfillment until you really understand yourself.

  2. When you know yourself-- your values, your joy, your gifts, your boundaries, your pleasure sources-- you are able to notice and invite in more that aligns to your being.

  3. To understand who you are, you have to peel back the layers that were defined by and in reaction to others.

  4. You have to be willing to lose to gain.

  5. Your intuition and instinct are two of the most useful tools on this journey.

  6. To tap into your intuition and instinct, you have to understand your feelings and how your body signals them.

  7. You CAN have it all. And you deserve it, too.


What have you found to be true with manifestation?


 The list of 101 things*

*Note: Some items have been removed for privacy reasons. The commentary is from 2013 and reflects my views from that time. This is not my most recent bucket list.

Start: 1/1/11

Deadline: 9/28/13

  1. Have a baby (or two).. Life has seriously changed. This will have to be postponed. Back on the table?

  2. Start my PhD.. No longer a goal.

  3. Move back to texas (or another state that we’ve fallen in love with) We decided to stay put :). This is back on. [DONE]

  4. Grow my hair past waistlength. Bang/front to apl [0/5 inches]

  5. Buy a suv [DONE]

  6. Travel to Europe

  7. Become a paid writer [DONE]

  8. Have my blog be income-generating

  9. Wear dresses every day for a month [0/30] [DONE]

  10. Save $5,000 [0/5000] [DONE]

  11. Get LASIK surgery. [DONE]1/2013!

  12. Start yoga [DONE]

  13. Visit italy

  14. Learn to knit

  15. Write a book [1/2013- in progress] [DONE]

  16. Get my car up to code and fixed [almost there; need new inspection as the last thing] [DONE]- bought new car

  17.  1/12 and another new car 8/13 and more since then.

  18. Get new drivers license and bank cards in correct name [DONE]

  19. Go to bed by 10 pm regularly

  20. Go to a shooting range [DONE]

  21. Get hair professionally done occasionally [count: 5]regular habit now! [DONE]

  22. Get regular pedicures [DONE]

  23. See Rocky Horror Picture Show [DONE]

  24. Throw a party [DONE]- Had a 34th birthday party

  25. Meet online friends in real life [DONE]

  26. Sing in front of people [DONE]

  27. Get cavities filled turns out I don’t have any 12/12 [DONE]

  28. Get rid of joint credit card debt [DONE]

  29. Maintain a gratitude journal for 30 days [DONE]

  30. Truly forgive 3 people [DONE]

  31. Celebrate New Years Eve in style

  32. Move into a house with a front and back yard in a safe neighborhood [in progress] [DONE]

  33. Enroll Amaya in a good school/kindergarten [in progress] [DONE]

  34. Buy and maintain houseplants [in progress. we have 2!]

  35. Go on another cruise [Done 12/12]

  36. Continue genealogy project [in progress. working on it for family reunion on 8/12] [DONE]

  37. Go on an overnight hotel getaway ALONE DONE Spring 2012

  38. Go skiing again

  39. Organize a cousins reunion

  40. Take LA to Disneyworld [DONE]

  41. Start and complete 5 crochet projects [1/5] [DONE]

  42. Apply to 3 jobs a week until I find one that I’m happy with [DONE]

  43. Have a make-up consultation No longer a goal. [DONE]

  44. Have someone dress/pick out outfits that compliment me [done thanks to Minister of Style]

  45. See new years in a sunny location

  46. Go to 4 concerts [3/4] – Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, JayZ [DONE]

  47. See Alvin Ailey again

  48. Go out to the Halloween parade in the village

  49. By 27 new pairs of earrings [10/27] [DONE]

  50. Buy flowers for the family weekly

  51. Visit my grandparents gravesite annually

  52. Meditate regularly [DONE]

  53. Research permanent hair removal

  54. Take steps to get ankh tattoo removed or altered

  55. Comment on at least 3 blogs daily

  56. Attend BlogHer [DONE]

  57. Mentor a teenager [DONE]

  58. Write new poetry [count: 3] [DONE]

  59. Perform poetry in front of people

  60. Go to Nuyorican Soul Café [DONE]1/13

  61. Visit a spiritual advisor [DONE]

  62. Have a reading done [DONE]

  63. Set up an altar [did a fertility one, but have another I want to do] [DONE]

  64. Create a new vision board [DONE]9/12

  65. Write real letters to loved ones

  66. Write an erotica short story

  67. Get a new tattoo

  68. Publish an article [DONE]

  69. Wear red lipstick [DONE]

  70. Learn a pole dancing routine [DONE]

  71. Have teeth whitened No longer a goal. [DONE]

  72. Start a personal savings account [DONE]

  73. Take a voice/singing class

  74. Learn not to interrupt when people are talking

  75. Get over my fear of flying, unmedicated [in progress]

  76. Change careers [DONE 6/27/12]

  77. Donate to charity [DONE]

  78. Pledge a sorority [DONE]

  79. Buy a record player [DONE]

  80. Build my jazz vinyl collection [DONE]

  81. Write daily affirmations for 30 days [0/30] [DONE]

  82. Buy a new camera

  83. Get my credit score up to 700 [close!] [DONE]

  84. Go camping with friends and other families

  85. Decorate my home so it’s a haven of serenity

  86. Wear high heels for a week straight [DONE since 4/18/11]

  87. Add 10 pairs of heels to my shoe collection [5/10] [DONE]

  88. Get a new passport with my new name [DONE]

  89. Hit 100,000 views on my blog [count: 80,890 94,237] [DONE]

  90. Clean out my gmail inbox [DONE]

  91. Make regular trips to goodwill to purge items from home [DONE]

  92. Adopt a family for christmas [DONE]

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