A Monday Affirmation

I can and I will

Back in 2008, when I was just starting my baby-making journey, I used to write affirmations as a way to keep me centered. Time has since moved on and that practice waxed and waned. It's time to bring it back. (No, I'm not birthing no babies right now).

This time, I plan to do affirmations a bit differently, and I need some crowd participation.

Each Monday, I will post an affirmation to remind us about our power, beauty, resilience, and liberation. I invite you to participate in this practice along with me. You don't have to write your own affirmation, though you certainly may, but I invite you to make this affirmation stick for you by engaging your five senses.

  • See: Read the affirmation each week and envision it to be true for your life.
  • Smell: Light some incense or a scented candle, so that the smell becomes associated with the words. Scientists say that smell is our most powerful memory-jogging sense.
  • Touch: Let the words resonate. Feel them coat your heart and spirit.
  • Hear: Pray and meditate about what you read.
  • Taste: Savor the flavor that these words have for you by journaling about them.

Still with me? Here is the first affirmation to claim and believe:

I am a child of God who as been brought into this world intentionally. I am here to magnify Divine beauty, peace, and love. I am here to leave the world better than I found it.

Know it with me.

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