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As these mornings get colder and days get shorter, it may be harder to stay in a positive mood. Studies suggest that this stretch between around Thanksgiving and Christmas might be more emotionally difficult than other times of the year. People the shorter days means decreased exposure to sunlight and the all of the festivities make us feel pressured to spend more money than we want.

I haven't been diagnosed but I notice my emotions take a sharp nosedive once the cool weather hits. I'm the type that will work on my patio or the bench outside of my office even at 105 degrees, so being forced indoors dampers my spirt. However, I can't use that as excuse, and when you know better, you do better (Thank you Mama Angelou!)

Along with taking my Vitamin D, I am intentional about creating healthy habits in the fall and not waiting until January 1. Why suffer through six more weeks when I can do better today?

If you're in a rut or want to preempt the winter blues, here is one way you can build inspiration into your day.

Create a Pinterest Screensaver

I'm not the most artsy, but I love visual reminders that encourage me to keep going. Almost every day, I go to Pinterest for pretty quotes and memes and have gathered over 900 on my Wise Words board. The other day I thought, "What if I could turn this into a slideshow for my laptop screensaver?" and I got to work. Follow these steps to create your own slideshow or use mine!


  1. I found a Down Them All, a browser add-on that would download all the images from a page.
  2. I went to my Pinterest Wise Words board and scrolled through the bottom to load all the pictures.
  3. I downloaded all the images by right-clicking the page and choosing "download images" per the instructions for the add-on.
  4. I created a new folder on my computer called "motivational quotes slideshow" and saved the images there.
  5. I repeated step 3 a few times as I scrolled down the page because I realized that the add-on wouldn't save all 900 images at once.
  6. After I finished all the steps, I went into my laptop preferences and set my screensaver to do a slideshow from my "motivational quotes slideshow" folder.

Voila!  See how gorgeous and inspirational my laptop looks.

Comment, tweet, or blog about how  this worked for you! 

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