Don't Sell Yourself Out- 5 Ways We Do It Anyway

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There are so many ways that we dishonor ourselves. Even when we think the rewards are worth it, what does it really mean when you are willing to sell yourself out?

  • We sell ourselves out when we say "yes" when we mean "no."
  • We sell ourselves out when we stay out of guilt.
  • We sell ourselves out when we stay stagnant out of the fear of the unknown.
  • We sell ourselves out when our desire for control overrides our desire for abundance.
  • We sell ourselves out when we listen to the mob in our head instead of God's truth in front of you.

Oh, I'm not just calling you out. Lord knows I'm facing my truth left and right. Tears have a way of clearing your vision.

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You're not alone with this. I have sold myself out time and time again, and I've finally learned how to break the habit. Here are 11 ways I've learned to honor myself, as well as a vlog on 7 ways I live my dream life. Enjoy!

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