My Journey to Becoming a Life Coach

Becoming a life coach Yesterday I was writing my "story of self" for my job as a school administrator. As I was writing about it, I realized that it didn't quite capture my journey to becoming a life coach, a journey that is an intrinsic part of who I am.

A few years ago I was in therapy (again) and bored to tears. Though I was going through some major issues with yet another pregnancy loss and feeling like my marriage wasn't working, I felt like therapy wasn't working. I talked about the issues, I did the homework, I knew the root causes and was taking my meds. Yet, my time didn't feel productive. It was almost like my therapist was more interested in my life as a spectator than providing any meaningful difference.

What I realize now was that for many years, I needed a coach in addition to a therapist. I needed to create strategies for my personal and professional development. I needed to set measurable goals and strategize. I needed someone to hold me accountable and tell me to stop making excuses. I needed someone to hold up the mirror and help me focus. I needed action.

Watch this video how I turned this need into a career as a life coach!

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