Reflecting on Action Steps for Your Dreams

Find a quiet place, grab a glass of wine (or tea), and set your timer for 30 minutes as you complete this exercise for reflecting on your action steps.


1. If money, time, or circumstance weren't barriers, what is the biggest dream you would have for yourself?
2. What is it that other people keep coming to you for? (If you already know your "calling," what is that?
3. If I did __________ in the next three months, I would be one (or more) steps closer to that dream.
4. Brain dump some activities that you would need to complete in order to meet that 3-month benchmark.
5. Break your action steps into 30-minute chunks. Place the number of 30-minute chunks each activity would take.
6. What additional knowledge, skills, or resources do you need in order to complete those activities?
7. Time is finite. What are some things you might need to give up in order to find 30 minutes a day to complete an activity chunk?
8. How are you going to hold yourself accountable to these goals? (see my article on accountability)


That's it! If you made it this far, try this upgrade: 12 Week Goal Planner.



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