Self-Care Tips Recap

Self-Care Tips Recap

Self-Care = Need, not Luxury

If you follow me on social media you know I've been posting lots of content about my personal self-care journey. As a school administrator, mom, partner, and friend, it's way too easy to put myself last. I find myself rationalizing why I'll make time for myself once everyone else's needs are taken care of. Not only is this plan unrealistic (I can't give from an empty cup), but it's destined for failure because by the time I get to my own care, I'm too tired. As evidence, I am writing this post at 1am after passing out on the sofa shortly after dinner.

I know better than treating myself poorly, so I've been reminding myself of some self-care tips that consistently work for me. And who would I be if I didn't share them with my Butterflies?

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Favorite Self-Care Tips

In my rebroadcast video from Periscope, I go into depth about these 6 tips. Here is a summary below

1. Create Big Rocks- Take the time to write down what you want your legacy to be and prioritize your daily activities based on that list.

2. Schedule your care- Most of us live by our work calendars. Bimonthly schedule some self-care and add it to your Outlook. Buy a spa package in advance so you'll be sure to redeem the services.

3. Have a back up plan- We are all going to get off track. Don't fret. Decide how you're going to get back on course when a setback happens before one does.

4. Take a lunch break- Put at least 30 minutes a day to walk away from your desk and eat a meal. No place to go? Try your car or even the loading dock behind your office. Been there, done that.

5. Unplug from technology- Schedule at least 8 hours monthly to be without anything that runs on electricity or batteries. Tell people in advance how they can reach you for an emergency, and it better be blood, 911, or ER worthy.

6. Beautify your space- Buy yourself flowers, get rid of junk, dress cute, listen to great music.

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