My why

There was a time in my life when I couldn't see past my obstacles. I presented a face of drive, accomplishment, and resilience to the world, but there was a shadow lurking in the background that reminded me all good things come to an end and nothing lasts forever. Because I overcame past trauma, I did what I knew best. I built a fortress around my heart and my emotions. That way, I rationalized, nothing could break or hurt me.  

(You too?)

It worked for a long time. I was able to push through it all-- the destructive relationships, the three miscarriages, the financial losses, the professional hardships. I am the daughter of Harriet and Sojourner, after all. I keep going.  

There was a problem.

I didn't realize I had numbed myself from joy.

I didn't know what peace truly was.

I had forgotten how to listen to God.

I couldn't hear my ancestors’ voices anymore.

I was on a hamster wheel chasing meaning and success and validation, but I didn't even realize that wheel and goals were illusions.  You see, the fortress was so strong and the acting so habitual, that I though this was all life could offer: an accomplished resume, prestigious degrees, a bountiful salary, and a genius daughter. I didn't know I was showing up as a representative based on who I thought I was supposed to be.

(Are you wishing you were enough? Are you showing all parts of you?)

But the shadow wouldn't let me rest. She wouldn’t let me settle.

First she whispered.

Then she tapped the mic.  

Then she shook me.  

Then she roared.

And destroyed.

Finally she enveloped me.

And coaxed me.

And edified me.

(Is there a shadow of discontent and uncertainty lurking in your life?) 

I emerged from the fire, a clearer, better version of me.



Divinely feminine





And I stepped into my complete calling in my life: To ensure that every single woman heals, liberates themselves, revels in joy and pleasure, and is restored their place as divine leaders.  

Join me on this journey, so that you may know liberation for yourself.