Coming Into My Own-A Blog Carnival

Coming Into My Own-A Blog Carnival

Welcome to my first blog carnival! I intended to start this yesterday, but life has a way of happening...

If you’re new to this, a blog carnival is when several writers post about the same topic and link to each other. Not only does it provide many perspectives (and inspiration!) on the same topic, it also introduces you to new blogs to read.

This blog carnival is about change. So many of us are experiencing amazing shifts in our personal life, and it’s exciting to think that all of us are doing this at the same time. I want to give voice and space to that, to celebrate our journey, to add color, and to inspire others.

To participate, I ask you to follow three simple rules:

Rule #1: Post on your own blog the answers to at least 3 of the questions below

Rule #2: Link your post back to this one and leave a comment below. That’s how others can find you!

Rule #3: Tag at least one other blogger in your post that you want to participate.

See my example here: Coming Into My Own Responses

So without further ado, here’s are the questions I’d like you to respond to. Please answer at least 3 of these, though you are certainly free to answer more! You all are artists, deviate as you like.

  1. How have you grown, changed, or evolved from the woman you used to be?

  2. Describe a situation, challenge, moment when you realized you aren’t fully the person you used to be this time last year?

  3. What have you learned (or rediscovered) about yourself in the last 90 days?

  4. Considering where you are now, what advice would you give to your teenage self that would give her permission to live life fully? 

  5. What is something you do to regain courage when the fear sets in?

  6. Who is a woman who inspires you?

  7. When you close your eyes and see yourself living your dreams, what do you see?

Answer, comment, link, and pass it along!

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Coming Into My Own Responses

Coming Into My Own Responses