How to Improve Your Consistency

consistency, rosetta thurman, bror saxberg, procrastination, motivation Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking about some of my lessons learned with both blogging, coaching, and goal mastery in general. Regardless of which productivity strategies, tools, pixie dust, or fairies you use, there is only one constant that will make or break your success-- consistency.

Many of us aren't consistent because there are underlying causes to our procrastination like self-efficacy, value, attribution, or emotions.*

Self-Efficacy: I can't do it. I don't know how. I'm not good enough.

Value: I don't want to do the task, and nothing will happen if I don't.

Attribution: It's not my fault that I can't do it. If other things/people did their part, I could.

Emotions: I don't feel good when I do the task.

Lord knows I have felt every single one of these root causes, and I've even blogged about my anxiety issues.

"Lord make me so uncomfortable that I do the very thing I fear."- Ruby Dee

While it's important to discover what your root causes is, nothing beats action. Consistent action. Eventually life will make you so uncomfortable that you'll either act or self-destruct. In her webinar "How to Quit Your Job in 22 Months (Or Less),"  Rosetta Thurman reminds us that "a hobby is something you work on when you feel the passion; a business is something you set aside time for." We show up for our day jobs no matter how we feel emotionally, no matter how competent we think we are, no matter how valuable we think our work is. Why can't we show up for our goals and selves in the same ways?

Today, I challenge all of us to be more consistent.

  1. If you doubt the value, look for relevance.
  2. If you doubt your competency, create new strategies.
  3. If someone else is to blame, look for what you can control.
  4. If you feel anxious, reframe the issue in your mind.

*Bror Saxberg. "What Drives Student Motivation." 2015. Keynote Address.

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