Welcome Back

Welcome Back

I began my blogging journey back in in 2003 on MySpace. From there I went to Yahoo360 before finding my home on Wordpress.

Not only did my medium change, my content also shifted with time. From the political election of 2004 to my natural hair journey to trying to conceive to loving myself through divorce to entrepreneurship.

Through all the changes, a few things have remained consistent:

  • My commitment to growth

  • My love of writing

  • My on-going journey of healing and self-love

  • My intimate relationship with God/Spirit/Goddess/Ancestors/Orishas/Angels

  • My wild devotion to setting all women, especially Black and Brown women, free

So here I am.

Back with pen to paper, fingers to keys writing my way through liberation and bringing you along for the journey.

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  • If you want to contribute to my work, here’s a range of options.

  • If you want to send candles, Beyonce paraphernalia, fan mail or inquiries, hit me up at info [at] aleiamims.com.

Otherwise, pour something brown (coffee, tea, or liquor) and stay for a spell.

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