What IS Self-Love Anyway: 6 Key Ingredients

What IS Self-Love Anyway: 6 Key Ingredients

In this era of “stuntin’ for the ‘Gram,” it’s easy to get it twisted about what self-care and self-love really is. Self-care is a symptom of self-love. It isn't just pedicures, luxuries, and vacations, though those certainly can be side effects of it, given your circumstances.

In this video, I walk through the key components of self-love AND give you some guidance about where to get started.

Self love means:

💋 Embracing your pleasure, free from rules

💋 Choosing joy, by your own definition 

💋 Enforcing boundaries, against all that doesn't serve you

💋 Owning your voice, not apologizing for it

💋 Forgiving yourself, for ever thinking that you were too much and not enough

💋 Allowing your own humanity, accepting lessons and quirks

So, how do you define it?

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My Path to Peace

My Path to Peace